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The following articles, audios and reports are provided to inform, involve and inspire you about Speaking and Listening. They will give you insight into our unique approach and also furnish you with an introduction to the men and women who are the mentors of our work, specifically Carol McCall Ph.D., Kurt and Patricia Wright and Richard Brooke. Some of this material is incorporated in the class work and weekly assignments and for participants pre-course review.

Although it may be hard for you to accept at this moment, even seemingly boastful or egotistic on our part, simply reading and listening to the material on this page will significantly increase your speaking and listening skills whether you participate in the class or not.

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In this Special Report#1 from Coaching For MLM Leaders, you'll learn about the art and science of listening from the Master, founder of the Empowerment of Listening workshop and author of Listen! There's a World Waiting To Be Heard.
Carol McCall Ph.D.
Words 5,131 | 13 Pages in downloadable PDF.

Leaders Listen

Servant Leadership requires listening and encompasses the "natural" feeling that one must serve. Servant Leaders are not "quick fix" specialists, nor "get to the bottom-line" experts. They are the next wave of the 21st century.
Carol McCall Ph.D.
Words 1,649 | 7 Pages in downloadable PDF.

The Empowerment of Listening

This is the initial half–hour introduction to The Empowerment of Listening audio album, a six–hour recorded conversation between John Fogg and Dr. Carol McCall. It focuses on the unique view of listening that is the foundation of Carol's work and serves as a great introduction. (The entire audio album is available for participants in the class to listen to on-line.)
Carol McCall Ph. D.
approximately 30 minute in downloadable MP3

The Wright Stuff

The analytical uses the intellect. When you ask a "what's wrong?" question, your intellect will take apart, take apart and take apart until it's left with tiny pieces. The opposite happens if you ask a "what's right?" intuitive question.
a conversation with Kurt and Patricia Wright
from a NETWORKING TIMES interview by John Milton Fogg
Words 3,159 | 12 Pages in downloadable PDF.

What's your style of asking questions?

How to change from an adversarial style of asking questions to one that encourages change, builds energy and solves problems.
Kurt Wright
Words 247 | 3 Pages in downloadable Word doc.

The What's Right Questions

This is a ‘MasterMind Call’ with John Fogg interviewing Kurt and Patricia about asking the ‘Five Right Questions’, what we are like when we're at our very best, the rational/analytical mind and the intuition- the partnership between the head and the heart mind, the little David story about asking ‘Why?’ (and how we begin to be programmed to the ‘wrong’ rules), "What's the best thing that's happened to you today?" and more.
a conversation with Kurt and Patricia Wright
approximately 45 minutes in downloadable MP3


Listening requires our full and focused attention on the other person. Real listening truly honors people. Authentic listening can actually heal people.
John Milton Fogg
Words 500 | 2 pages in downloadable PDF.

The Law of Great Questions

The goal of every authentic, intelligent, sensible Network Marketer is to sponsor people who are right- right for your opportunity, right for the products, for whom now is the right time. The purpose of asking great questions is to establish that.
John Milton Fogg
Words 1,593 | 6 pages in downloadable PDF.

The Four Business-Building Conversations

All you will ever do in Network Marketing is a conversation- speaking and listening. Each Conversation provides the foundation for the next. Learning to get into Relationship, grow Friendship, offer Partnership and develop an organization through Leadership is the high road to success.
John Milton Fogg
1227 words | 5 pages in downloadable PDF.

Where do you live...?

From Conversations With The Greatest Networker in the World, read by the author, this is a scene from a training session where The Greatest Networker demonstrates with a young man from the audience named Vince speaking and listening for values. As you listen to the dialogue, pay attention to the things that are most important to the young man and also notice how and where the 'prospecting' conversation ends...
John Milton Fogg
approximately 6.5 minutes in downloadable MP3

Feel–Good Questions®

In a Free-Enterprise based economy, the amount of money you make is directly proportional to how many people you serve. So, if you want to make a lot of money, simply find a lot of people to serve, and serve them well.
Bob Burg
Words 1,220 | 5 pages in downloadable PDF.

Negativity—It's Natural

Human brains react more strongly to negative than positive information. They make certain kinds of mistakes in the way they process information—mistakes like over- generalizing, seeing things in too black-and-white, a tendency to confirm conclusions they have already formed. And we jump to conclusions quickly and easily, even if we don't yet know enough to decide.
Adam Khan
3185 words | 11 pages in downloadable PDF.

In Praise of Quesfirmations

A quesfirmation invites a different response each and every time you ask it. Questions are powerful creative forces.
John David Mann
Words 557 | 3 pages in downloadable PDF.

The Art of Listening to Empower

It's a subject that has been mulled over by experts and aspiring listeners forever. In the fray of most of it are techniques like eye contact, head nodding, repeating back and just plain old remembering what someone said. We know listening is important, like we know being a good person is important. But why? What is the value of really listening to another person the way they want to be listened to?
Richard Bliss Brooke
Words 367 | 2 Pages in downloadable PDF.

Be an active listener

How to make more friends in 20 minutes than others do in 20 weeks.
Dr. Denis Waitley
Words 334 | 2 Pages in downloadable PDF.

Quotes on Speaking and Listening

A select collection of wit and wisdom to Inform, Involve and Inspire you.
1529 words | 6 pages in downloadable PDF.

Quotes on Conversation

A select collection of wit and wisdom to Inform, Involve and Inspire you.
1390 words | 6 pages in downloadable PDF.

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